Along for the Ride: The Yellowstone Experience

Lotus at the Canyon.

The Yellowstone Experience

This video is the second in the series, if you missed the Big Horn Drive video I recommend going back and watching it first to get the full experience.  This video begins as we continue our road trip starting in Cody, WY and driving into Yellowstone.  We decided to pick up where we left off in the music department and use alt-J’s second album This Is All Yours as our soundtrack.  However, like in the Bighorn video, another outlier song made its way into the video, but this time a bit more subtly since the band stays consistent.  Fans of the alt-J’s work should understand, how could I not include Buffalo from the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack?

One of the other differences you may notice in this video is that the pacing is much faster, a true representation of the difference between our relaxing drive through the mountains contrasted with the chaotic rush we experienced in Yellowstone.  My husband has been my test audience throughout the process of creating these videos and has dubbed this one as his favorite.  That’s probably because he categorized it as “nature porn” (his terminology, not mine, sorry), possibly due to the fact that he has a middle school teacher mentality and struggled to contain his chuckles at every erupting geyser.   Since the products of creativity are subjective, and as such, are open to interpretation, I guess his interpretation is allowed, but I invite you to view the video through whichever lens you choose.  That being said, sometimes, the flower is a just a flower.

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Description: Morning drive from Cody into Yellowstone, followed by buffalo sightings in Yellowstone, early morning wildlife and sunrise, geysers and all things “alien”, the canyon, and finally Old Faithful.   

Music Notes:

One of the many things I appreciate about alt-J’s music is the use of allusion in the lyrics.  For example, The Gospel of John Hurt pays homage to the sci-fi classic Alien, and what better choice of song could there be for footage of the parts of Yellowstone that feel so out-of-this-world?  Interested in learning more about the use of allusion in the lyrics, click here.


  • Song 1- Warm Foothills by alt-J (off of their This Is All Yours album)
  • Song 2- Buffalo by alt-J (Silver Linings Playbook Soundtrack or iTunes session)
  • Song 3- Lovely Day by alt-J (This Is All Yours)
  • Song 4- The Gospel of John Hurt by alt-J (This Is All Yours)
  • Song 5- Nara by alt-J (This Is All Yours)

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 Fun Facts to Note:

  1. The footage used in the Warm Foothills section was shot out of boredom while waiting on road construction (although, can you really get bored of these landscapes?).  While filming, a member of the construction crew walked in front of the camera and had to be edited out.  Can you tell where?    (I bet you can!)
  2. No, I’m not attempting to claim that Devil’s Tower National Monument is in Yellowstone.  The video contains a clip of buffalo roaming in front of this National Monument, which is not located in Yellowstone.  The clip was taken from an earlier part of our trip, see the full itinerary.  However, the footage was too perfect not to include, so just to clarify: do not expect to find Devil’s Tower in Yellowstone.
  3. Most of the footage used in the videos was shot by me; however, there is a clip in the Nara segment/waterfall that was shot by the hubby.  It is his thumb that covers a portion of the screen, a necessary precaution in the effort not to lose his phone over the falls.  Again, just keeping things real.
  4. The crows featured at the end of the video seemed to put on a show for everyone waiting for Old Faithful to erupt.  They had so much personality and were such a fun pair, I had to capture the memory.  It is no accident that this clip appears at the end of the rather politically driven Nara, a song that celebrates all kinds of love, which I interpret to include even crow love.       


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