Along for the Ride: Bighorn to Cody Experience

Increasing our elevation in Bighorn National Forest.

Bighorn to Cody Experience

Unfortunately, these home videos start 3 days into our trip, so several of our earlier stops are

not documented on video.  Bighorn was the first inspiration I had for filming the drive.  It reminded me of driving through the mountains near Asheville, NC over Spring Break just a few months prior to taking this trip.  On that trip, alt-J’s An Awesome Wave album was the soundtrack for our drive. I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly alt-j works with the scenery of the mountains, so this is my attempt to share that experience the best I can.

For the music buffs or alt-J fans who may view these videos, I feel the need to explain the Bon Iver song that snuck its way into the video because it is likely to seem misplaced.  We were listening to alt-J’s An Awesome Wave for much of our drive; however, it ended up being longer than the album.  So when An Awesome Wave ended, Bon Iver became the new soundtrack to our drive.  The clip where Wash. begins originally has the beginning of the song in the background.  What better way is there to make you feel like you were actually there?

I’ve included the entire soundtrack below and fun facts about the creation of the videos.  Love the video or have your own experience to share?  Don’t forget to leave a comment, share, or like!  Enjoy!

Description: Evening drive through the Bighorn National Forest to Cody, WY.  


  • Song 1- Interlude 1 by alt-J (off of their An Awesome Wave album)
  • Song 2- Handmade by alt-J (again An Awesome Wave album
  • Song 3- Tessellate by alt-J (An Awesome Wave)
  • Song 4- Something Good by alt-J (An Awesome Wave)
  • Song 5- Dissolve Me by alt-J (An Awesome Wave)
  • Song 6- Taro by alt-J (An Awesome Wave)
  • Song 7- Wash. by Bon Iver (breaking from the alt-J trend because we were listening to this song at that point in our drive and it was too perfect not to use)
  • Song 8- Ms by alt-J (An Awesome Wave)

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 Fun Facts to Note:

  1. Before making this drive, we saw several signs along the road advertising the “safest” route to Yellowstone.  Being directionally challenged, I asked the hubby if the advertised route was the road we’d be taking and his response was, “No, we follow the GPS through the mountains.”  I’ve heard both routes are scenic experiences, but I can’t imagine enjoying a drive more than we enjoyed ours through Bighorn.   
  2. We got very distracted during our drive and stopped frequently at overlooks along the way.  Time management is crucial.  We wanted the evening sun/sunset while driving through the mountains, but needed to carefully plan to avoid driving in the dark.  Luckily, we somehow managed this perfectly and arrived in Cody just before losing any remaining natural light at 10.  In the video, you can see how the light changes with the different vantage points in the mountains and can also keep track of the time using the occasional clock shots.
  3. Our first wildlife experience of the entire trip occurred on this drive through the mountains.  We were lucky enough to find a MOOSE!  So of course, he makes an appearance in the video.  

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