Ferris State campus

A Ferris Homecoming

Although we did not make it back this year to Ferris’ actual Homecoming, the hubby and I chose to plan a customized Big Rapids homecoming all our own.  With the transition back to school, we were itching for an adventure and in an effort to protest the end of summer, started mapping out our plan.  Playing by our own rules, it always seemed unfair to me that football gets to hog the Homecoming festivities, so we made arrangements to get our sporting event fix in by way of hockey (conveniently this is also the best way for both of us to actually enjoy the sporting event).  Instead of staying in a hotel, we looked into campgrounds as a more budget-friendly option, and also because one of my favorite things about Big Rapids is its accessibility to the outdoors.

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Sunset behind the mountains in Grand Teton National Park.

Saying Goodbye to the Tetons

For the final video of the series, there is a much more personal connection.  Instead of attempting to capture the driving experience, this video is a collection of shots taken at a few of the various scenic hotspots in Grand Teton National Park.  Although mentioned in the video introduction, I feel the need to reiterate specifically for this video that I’m not a videographer and consider many of the clips included in this video to be rough.  However, the personal importance of creating this last video combined with the beauty of the transitioning sky has persuaded me to suppress my perfectionist tendencies and share this video in spite of all of its technical flaws.  

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Watching the sunset in Grand Teton National Park

Sunset Drive through the Tetons

Since the footage for the next-to-last video in the series was captured during our last evening in the Tetons, it is fitting for it to be considered the finale, even though it is relatively simple.  Perhaps it was this simplicity that caused it to stand out, as it was actually the first video that I created for the Yellowstone Trip series.  Of all the videos in the series, this one is probably the most literal interpretation of the “Along for the Ride” title, since it only includes footage shot out the window while taking an evening drive through the Tetons.  

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Into the Tetons

Ready for the third video in the series?  Incase you’ve missed one, here is where we left off.  Since both alt-J albums had representation in other videos, the next video in the series required a change in music better suited to our new location.  This shift needed to capture the experiential change of transitioning from the frantic feel of exotic Yellowstone, back to the peacefulness of the mountains.  What better environment could there be for introspection?  

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Lotus at the Canyon.

The Yellowstone Experience

This video is the second in the series, if you missed the Big Horn Drive video I recommend going back and watching it first to get the full experience.  This video begins as we continue our road trip starting in Cody, WY and driving into Yellowstone.  We decided to pick up where we left off in the music department and use alt-J’s second album This Is All Yours as our soundtrack.  However, like in the Bighorn video, another outlier song made its way into the video, but this time a bit more subtly since the band stays consistent.  Fans of the alt-J’s work should understand, how could I not include Buffalo from the Silver Linings Playbook soundtrack?

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Increasing our elevation in Bighorn National Forest.

Bighorn to Cody Experience

Unfortunately, these home videos start 3 days into our trip, so several of our earlier stops are

not documented on video.  Bighorn was the first inspiration I had for filming the drive.  It reminded me of driving through the mountains near Asheville, NC over Spring Break just a few months prior to taking this trip.  On that trip, alt-J’s An Awesome Wave album was the soundtrack for our drive. I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly alt-j works with the scenery of the mountains, so this is my attempt to share that experience the best I can.

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