Ferris State campus

A Ferris Homecoming

Although we did not make it back this year to Ferris’ actual Homecoming, the hubby and I chose to plan a customized Big Rapids homecoming all our own.  With the transition back to school, we were itching for an adventure and in an effort to protest the end of summer, started mapping out our plan.  Playing by our own rules, it always seemed unfair to me that football gets to hog the Homecoming festivities, so we made arrangements to get our sporting event fix in by way of hockey (conveniently this is also the best way for both of us to actually enjoy the sporting event).  Instead of staying in a hotel, we looked into campgrounds as a more budget-friendly option, and also because one of my favorite things about Big Rapids is its accessibility to the outdoors.

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Making the Most out of Your Trip Through Videos

In my experiences with traveling, the way you go about planning for a vacation is different from what you might do if you’re hoping to take a trip.  When you go on a vacation, you’re looking to break away from daily routine and unwind through relaxation and fun.  Not to discredit its importance, but vacationing is really the laziest level of the travel planning heirarchy (if such a thing exists).  Which is as it should be because when you plan a vacation, the only decision you really have to make is where are you going to do your relaxing and rejuvenating.  That’s not to say rest and relaxation can’t also be a part of a trip, but the way I think about a trip includes a much broader purpose than just relaxation and fun.  As cheesy as it may sound, going on a trip should be a quest for knowledge and learning, like an indigenous walkabout.  This learning may occur in the form of life lessons, lessons of self-discovery, or connections with humanity as a whole.  Before taking a trip, I try to set myself up for this kind of learning by making time for some reflection.  Taking the time to think about what I’m hoping to get out of the trip means that I’m better equipped to plan a truly personal travel experience that will attempt to achieve those results.  Somewhat reminiscent of the steps a teacher might go through when planning a unit of curriculum.  Although I pride myself on being an avid planner (maybe slightly OCD, have you seen my itinerary, and that’s the abbreviated Internet version), one of the great things about a travel adventure is its ability to serve as a vessel for those unexpected discoveries too.  The purpose of this first post in the Education series for our Yellowstone Road Trip is to highlight the watchable aspects of the curriculum that I prepared prior to our trip, as well as highlighting the unexpected discoveries we encountered along the way.

Watch To Watch: Yellowstone Road Trip Edition

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