Along for the Ride: Sunset Drive through the Tetons

Watching the sunset in Grand Teton National Park

Sunset Drive through the Tetons

Since the footage for the next-to-last video in the series was captured during our last evening in the Tetons, it is fitting for it to be considered the finale, even though it is relatively simple.  Perhaps it was this simplicity that caused it to stand out, as it was actually the first video that I created for the Yellowstone Trip series.  Of all the videos in the series, this one is probably the most literal interpretation of the “Along for the Ride” title, since it only includes footage shot out the window while taking an evening drive through the Tetons.  

For Harry Potter fans viewing this video, I personally consider this one to be my Mirror of Erised, as I’ve viewed it countless times, and each time it ignites a yearning in me to return.  However, I vow to heed Dumbledore’s warning, and try not to waste away dwelling on, in my case, the past, but instead, channel this longing to encourage my future traveling adventures.  I hope that by sharing this, it may help spark a motivation in others to take the traveling plunge as well.  As any experienced traveler will tell you, no picture or video can ever do justice to the reality of actually being there, but I’d like to think this video might just be about as close as it gets to feeling like you’re there.

If this video helped motivate you to take the traveling plunge, I’d love to hear about it.  Please leave a comment below or drop me a comment on Facebook telling me about your trip.  Safe travels!

Description: Sunset drive through Grand Teton National Park.

Music Notes:

Let me just begin by saying that this video presented the greatest challenge for me when it came to selecting music.  From the beginning, I knew that Bon Iver’s Michicant album would provide the soundtrack since it was playing in our car during the drive originally.  However, choosing the specific songs off of the album for the video was nearly impossible because they are all phenomenal and when tested, worked so well with the scenery.  In fact, I swore that the video was finished on at least three different occasions only to go back and switch the songs to others from the album (it’s a good thing that I’m female and therefore, changing my mind is my prerogative).  The three songs to actually make the final cut were chosen in an effort to provide a little bit of energy to an otherwise relaxing viewing experience.  The scenery of the drive through the mountains combined with the sounds of Beth/Rest reminded me a little of the classic Joe Satriani video for Always With Me, Always With You (minus the musicians).  That being said, if you are not already familiar with Bon Iver’s Michicant album and enjoy the songs in the video, buy the entire album.  You will not be disappointed.                       


  • Song 1- Minnesota, WI by Bon Iver (off of their Michicant album)
  • Song 2- Lisbon, OH by Bon Iver (Michicant album)
  • Song 3- Beth/Rest by Bon Iver (Michicant album)


Fun Facts to Note

  1. Although the backdrop for this video doesn’t appear to change much, I personally love watching the landscape change in front of the mountains.  At times, the mountains appear to be much closer than they actually are until valleys and rivers appear showing how expansive and vast the area actually is between the road and the mountains.  
  2. Another focal point for me in this video is the sun’s position in relation to the mountains.  Although beautiful to see during the day, little compares to experiencing a sunset in the Tetons.  Continue the vicarious experience by viewing the last video of the series.
  3. I must confess, I’ve burned this video onto a DVD so I can watch it on TV (in a loop) while practicing yoga at home.  I equate it to those treadmill videos that allow you to hike in the rainforest.  Whatever motivation it takes to get the workout started, am I right?   

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