Along for the Ride: Saying Goodbye to the Tetons

Sunset behind the mountains in Grand Teton National Park.

Saying Goodbye to the Tetons

For the final video of the series, there is a much more personal connection.  Instead of attempting to capture the driving experience, this video is a collection of shots taken at a few of the various scenic hotspots in Grand Teton National Park.  Although mentioned in the video introduction, I feel the need to reiterate specifically for this video that I’m not a videographer and consider many of the clips included in this video to be rough.  However, the personal importance of creating this last video combined with the beauty of the transitioning sky has persuaded me to suppress my perfectionist tendencies and share this video in spite of all of its technical flaws.  

This video is representative of the legacy component to Destination Legacy.  Although it may appear to be a bit of a mixed bag, the soundtrack for the last installment in the series is a nod to the personal legacies that have been left to me.  Due to my parents’ impeccable taste in music, my earliest memories of a road trip include listening to the songs of James Taylor, and since the video is an evening farewell to the west, the lullaby of Sweet Baby James seemed like a fitting first choice.  Next, to pay homage to the man whose passion for travel inspired Destination Legacy, I’ve included Frank Sinatra’s My Way, a mantra for my Pap-Pap and quite possibly his favorite song.  I consider the song to be a celebration of the life he lived, and also my pledge to travel in his footsteps, but by doing so in my own way (which is precisely the way I believe he’d advise).  And lastly, in an effort to help comfort that sadness that coincides with all goodbyes, I chose the soothing duet of James Taylor and Carole King singing You Can Close Your Eyes.  

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Description: Experiencing Sunset in Grand Teton National Park.    


  • Song 1- Sweet Baby James by James Taylor (off of the Live at the Troubadour album)
  • Song 2- My Way by Frank Sinatra
  • Song 3- You Can Close Your Eyes by James Taylor/Carole King (Live at the Troubadour album)

Check out the full album.

 Fun Facts to Note:

  1. Several of the clips in this video serve as evidence for my husband’s claim that my video panning abilities are comparable to that of a drunk person.  But to quote AWOLNATION, I “blame it on my ADD”, which there is actually no evidence to suggest that I have.  Impatience and mosquitoes are probably more likely culprits.  
  2. I consider the climax of My Way to be the ultimate grand finale of the series.  The sun’s rays shining through the top of the mountain was one of my favorite views of the entire trip.    
  3. There was no greater feeling of inadequacy than that which was caused by watching all of these professional photographers and videographers capturing the perfect shots at these breathtaking locations (some can actually be seen in the video).  That being said, I proudly played my rookie card and paraded out there among the professionals with nothing but my iPhone.  


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