Along for the Ride: Into the Tetons


Into the Tetons

Ready for the third video in the series?  Incase you’ve missed one, here is where we left off.  Since both alt-J albums had representation in other videos, the next video in the series required a change in music better suited to our new location.  This shift needed to capture the experiential change of transitioning from the frantic feel of exotic Yellowstone, back to the peacefulness of the mountains.  What better environment could there be for introspection?  

It was about this point in the trip when the lightbulb turned on for what has now become Destination Legacy.  In order to capture this reflective vibe, Fleet Foxes became the obvious choice for the soundtrack.  The lyrics in these songs, especially Helplessness Blues, seemed to represent and possibly inspired my, “to blog or not to blog” dilemma.  The song is such a testament to the overall legacy theme that it really serves as a personal snapshot of that moment of our trip.  I also chose Fleet Foxes because of how much they remind me of the Crosby, Stills, and Nash my dad has always been such a fan of and subjected me to when I was growing up.  Yet another legacy this blog may help to preserve.  

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Description: Driving out of Yellowstone and into Grand Teton National Park.


Music Notes:

Full disclosure, in addition to the reasons listed above, I have another, somewhat selfish, agenda in mind by choosing Fleet Foxes as the soundtrack.  The band has been on hiatus for about 5 years, partially due to their frontman Robin Pecknold going back to school to get his degree from Columbia University.  As an educator myself, I applaud and praise this decision, but selfishly want more music from this band.  Rumors are beginning to surface about the possibility of this hiatus coming to an end, and if that is the case, I’m hoping that by sharing their music, I may do my part to help the cause by recruiting a follower or two, you may say I’m a dreamer.                


 Fun Facts to Note:

  1. When the hubby and I watch these videos, which we’ve done an embarrassing number of times, we always try to be the first one to shout, “jogger!” (you’ll know when).  I guess it’s kind of a weird version of Where’s Waldo where you know exactly where he is each time you watch.     
  2. Frustrated by all of the trees blocking the mountains?  So were we!  Although annoying as they might be, the driving clips of the trees were included in the video to try to capture the mountain teasers we experienced along the drive.  And what greater satisfaction is there then finally breaking through all of the foliage and viewing the majesty of the mountains?  In the words of Pig-Pen from A Charlie Brown Christmas, “Sort of makes you want to treat (them) with more respect, doesn’t it?”
  3. I think it becomes clear in this video why it is recommended that the series of videos be viewed in order.  Although all locations have their advantages, seeing massive mountains for miles is definitely an indication that the grand finale of the trip is near.   


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